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At executive level in an organisation there are certain critical differences from other management positions.


Firstly you are being closely watched!

Unfortunately too often executives fail to realise how much attention their teams are paying to their behaviours and attitude. As a result an executive has to be incredibly aware of the messages they are projecting at all times. This includes life in and out of the office, as an executive all aspects of our lives fall under scrutiny from our people.

Secondly your communication, in all forms, is elevated.

This can mean that small comments or offhand remarks have a disproportionate impact from that which you intended. As a result an executive has to be constantly aware of the verbal and non-verbal messages they are projecting. An ill-judged remark can be received as a personal attack or be the cause of an organisational wide rumour.

Lastly there are differences in how relationships and trust are built at executive level.

At executive level the time you have to connect with your people shrinks dramatically. Whereas at other levels of the organisation relationships build naturally over time, this can be through coaching, team meetings, training and so on, as an executive it is different you might see employees only for a moment and therefore have to create immediate impact.

Our specially tailored and unique Masterclass approach offers you the chance to explore, develop and discuss new ways of working and thinking in order to build resilience, trust and strength throughout your business.

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